• Sravan Sridhar

Are internships worth it?

An internship is supposed to be a students' first insight into the 'real world', for them to get some experience on how things differ from a classroom, to learn the way things function, and to decide if they would like to work in their chosen field or not. But nowadays interns have become cheap labour, especially with the growing startups, instead of hiring a social media manager or a content writer and maintain their payroll, benefits and perks. Companies find it much easier to hire an intern, give them some menial amount and provide them with a sad certificate then work them like hell. (sometimes they don't even pay) interns are always expected to pick up their phone, stick to an unrealistic deadline, and all of this is only able to continue because without experience you cannot get a job and unfortunately the best way to get experience is to do an internship.

I have seen employers hire interns without the proper documentation, delaying their pay by weeks, and absolute pathetic treatment of the interns. Having been on both sides of the table. I can tell you that majority of the internships out there are just looking for cheap labour. There are exceptions, for highly specialised industries, internships remain an opportunity to learn, but mainstream internships are infested with mineral labour tasks and unrealistic expectations from interns. I distinctly remember hearing about an internship experience where the interns were managed by another intern, to me, it was absolute madness. The fact is internships have lost their value. I mean, sure, they count as work experience, but the experience part of it is little short of traumatic, and the learning component seems to have been thrown out of a window. Interns nowadays are expected to lose their creativity, churn content like robots and follow a chain of command, the best examples of companies brewing such culture is growing startups, I have heard comments like 'why hire an employee when you can hire three interns in the same cost' and 'oh that is an interns job, why are you doing it.

With the deteriorating culture of internships, and the lack of structure, Internships are not what they were a decade ago, however, what if you had a chance to learn way more than an internship, make strategic decisions and do all that and more from a position of power? Because that is precisely what we are offering at Moqqua, you have a stake in the company and your decisions will make or break your vertical, can you step up for this challenge? If you think you can then apply now!

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