Walk in as an individual

Walk out with a part of a company

Moqqua provides you with an opportunity to run a startup and be part of an elite club. With exposure to various industries, upskilling and personal development tools, you will have everything required to ensure you have a kick start to your career from a directorial point of view, rather than that of an intern.

The membership fee is completely free, and we believe in the model of sweat equity. The intention of this model is simple - this is your entryway into an exclusive path, one which expedites your learning and experience while saving your time however we need to ensure that you truly earn your position amongst a fast-paced, energetic, innovative team. You need to be above 17 years old and under 24 years old while applying, that's the only restriction!

Applications close on November 15th 2020



We are a group of passionate individuals who believe that you don't need to have degrees or years of experience to make a dent. We are creating an exclusive community through Moqqua, where members have access to a premium lifestyle that will catalyze their growth when coupled with the opportunities we provide them. 

Arnav Jalan, CEO

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Design, Marketing, Strategy, food, movies, shows, or pizza, talk about anything!

Sravan Sridhar, COO

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A photographer, entrepreneur with interests in operations, jazz, and airplanes

Munir Paviwala, CFO

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Your go-to-guy for number crunching

Srishti Bhawal, CXO

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Trying to make my way through the world one illustration at a time.